Virtual Issue: Open Access week 2015

 October 2015
To coincide with the 8th Annual International Open Access Week, we are delighted to bring together a selection of recent open access papers published in Functional Ecology. All five British Ecological Society Journals have produced a Virtual Issue for Open Access Week 2015. Please click on the issue covers below to read the Virtual Issues. All of these papers have been published through the Online Open programme. The British Ecological Society offers its members a 25% discount towards the cost of the Online Open scheme.



FE Spotlight

Round and round in cycles? Silicon-based plant defences and vole population dynamics
Susan E. Hartley


Animal Physiological Ecology

Food availability, energetic constraints and reproductive development in a wild seasonally breeding songbird
Scott Davies, Thomas Cros, Damien Richard, Simone L. Meddle, Kazuyoshi Tsutsui and Pierre Deviche

The optimal combination of standard metabolic rate and aerobic scope for somatic growth depends on food availability
Sonya K. Auer, Karine Salin, Agata M. Rudolf, Graeme J. Anderson and Neil B. Metcalfe


Community Ecology

Early plant recruitment stages set the template for the development of vegetation patterns along a hydrological gradient
Rob G. A. Fraaije, Cajo J. F. ter Braak, Betty Verduyn, Leonieke B. S. Breeman, Jos T. A. Verhoeven and Merel B. Soons


Ecosystems ecology

Priming of the decomposition of ageing soil organic matter: concentration dependence and microbial control
Johannes Rousk, Paul W. Hill and Davey L. Jones


Plant-animal Interactions

Co-evolution of foraging behaviour in herbivores and their natural enemies predicts multifunctionality of herbivore-induced plant volatiles
Kinuyo Yoneya and Takeshi Miki

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